Collection: Face, Body Glitter & Body Paints

Add Some Sparkle to Your Festival Look with Our Face Glitter & Body Glitter Collection

Get ready to shine bright at this season's biggest music festivals and events! Our glitter collection offers dazzling face and body glitters to complete your eye-catching look. Choose from an array of colourful fine glitters for face and body application that are designed to last while you dance the night away. We offer glitter gels that apply smoothly - perfect for creating a dramatic festival-worthy shimmer.

For those looking for more eco-friendly biodegradable options, we proudly carry plant-based biodegradable glitters made from cellulose. They apply and sparkle just as good as traditional options but have a gentler impact on the environment.

Our biodegradable body glitter gels allow you to add sparkle while keeping sustainability in mind. And our selection of loose biodegradable glitter comes in pearlescent, iridescent, and metallic finishes to mix and match in custom colours. Complete the ultimate festival ensemble with face gems, body glitter - shop our glitter collection for all you need to leave a dazzling impression!