Collection: Flower Crowns, Flower Head Garlands, Flower Headbands,

Our Flower Head Garland, Flower Crowns and Flower Hair Garland Collection, features a spectrum of colors such as Pink, Turquoise & White, Purple, Red, Yellow & Peach, classic daisy.

Perfect for enhancing your style at festivals, weddings, and garden parties, these versatile accessories add a vibrant touch.

Picture yourself at outdoor events, music festivals, or casual gatherings, standing out in the crowd with timeless floral elegance.

Floral up your look and celebrate every moment with our diverse Flower Crowns, uniquely crafted to complement your individual expression. Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of nature-inspired beauty and embark on a blooming journey. 

Toast and Tonic's flower head garlands are also known as flower hair garlands, floral head garlands, flower crowns, floral head garlands, Hair Wreaths,  can be worn at weddings, concerts, or as a festival wear accessory for your next festival outfit.  The flower crowns are made from florist wire and handmade paper flowers.  The flower crowns, can be shaped to fit any size or shaped head.  Great for both children and adults.

The Flower head garland collection is extensive, with colour options to complement any festival outfit.  

Next Day delivery available.