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Yellow & Peach Flower Hair Garland With Green Trail

Yellow & Peach Flower Hair Garland With Green Trail

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Festival Flower Crown with Yellow and Peach flowers.  Festival Flower Hair Garland.

Indulge in the enchanting allure of our Yellow & Peach Flower Hair Garland, featuring a vibrant green trail that adds a touch of natural elegance. This meticulously crafted accessory is more than a headpiece—it's an invitation to embrace the vibrant hues of summer. The vivid yellow and peach blossoms come together in perfect harmony, creating a visual feast for the eyes.

Designed for versatility, this flower head garland is an ideal choice for various occasions. Picture yourself at a sun-kissed outdoor wedding, where the radiant colors complement the natural surroundings. Imagine donning it at a lively festival, standing out amidst the crowd with your unique, floral-inspired style. Crafted for both adults and children, this flower head garland effortlessly transforms any outfit into a blooming masterpiece.

Wear this Yellow & Peach Flower Hair Garland and let it be a symbol of your connection with nature's beauty. Whether you're dancing at a garden party or enjoying a leisurely stroll, let the refreshing hues and delicate green trail make a statement. Elevate your moments and immerse yourself in the joy of this uniquely crafted accessory, ensuring your style reflects the timeless charm of floral elegance.

The features of this flower crown / flower head garland include

  • Yellow & Peach Paper Flowers
  • Wrapped with green leaves
  • Green trail
  • Approximate Diameter is 250mm
  • The flower crown can be shaped to any head size
  • Suitable for adults and children

More colours available here

Why not make your own flower head garland with our - Make your own flower head garland/flower crown/flower hair garland tutorial.



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