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Flower Hair Garland, Blue & White Flower Hair Garland With Green Trail

Flower Hair Garland, Blue & White Flower Hair Garland With Green Trail

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Festival Flower Crown with blue and white flowers.  Festival Flower Hair Garland.

Our Blue and White Floral Head Garland – a captivating accessory that exudes floral elegance with a touch of nature-inspired grace. This versatile hair garland goes by various names, such as Floral Head Garland, Hair Garland, and Flower Hair Garland, showcasing its diverse styling possibilities.

The blue and white flowers gracefully encircle the head, crafting a dreamy and enchanting aesthetic. Complemented by a delicate green trail, this Floral Head Garland adds a touch of freshness, enhancing its overall allure. Ideal for those in search of a refined accessory to elevate various hairstyles.

Whether you're preparing for a special occasion, festival, or simply aiming for a daily infusion of nature-inspired charm, this garland stands as a versatile choice. Embrace the enchanting beauty of flowers with our Blue and White Floral Head Garland – a distinctive accessory seamlessly blending style and nature.

The features of this flower crown / flower head garland include

  • White and Blue Paper Flowers
  • Wrapped with green leaves
  • Green trail
  • Approximate Diameter is 250mm
  • The flower crown can be shaped to any head size
  • Suitable for adults and children

More colours available here

Why not make your own flower head garland with our - Make your own flower head garland/flower crown/flower hair garland tutorial.


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