Festival Packing List

Here is our festival packing list for all your festival essentials.  Take our word for it, your entire festival experience will be way better if you plan ahead using a festival packing list relevant to the festival that you will be attending

Before we list our festival packing list- it is important to clarify that not all festivals are created equal.  

There are a few things to consider before you start to tick off your festival packing checklist.  A couple of examples include:

  • Are you camping?  - if so then think like someone going camping, also consider how many days you'll be going for.
  • Is the festival MASSIVE? (like Glastonbury) - then consider how much festival stuff you will have to carry for the typically long walk to the site from the car park.
  • Are you going to a family festival, think about the kids! How to entertain them (aside from the music), how to keep them watered and fed.  Lastly where can they rest so you can also relax and take in as much as the festival has to offer. 

Now.  There are some absolute festival essentials that you will want to take with you - no matter the size, duration or location of the festival

Festival Packing Checklist - Essentials

  1. Tickets: Double-check and make sure you've got your tickets and also the tickets for anyone else you're supposed to be responsible for – no ticket, no party!

  2. Money / Cash / Cash Card - Seems obvious - but your festival experience will be ruined from day 1.  Purses, Wallets and the good old trusty bum bag (bum-bags are great for keeping those valuables safe and accessible and wont get in the way of partying)

  3. ID: Don't forget your ID - (try not to take your passport of you're due to go on holiday in the next 3 weeks and its near summer - UK Passport office wont replace it in time if you lose it at the festival)

  4. Medication - Do not forget these, and then over the counter like painkillers

  5. First Aid Kit: Basic supplies for those minor festival mishaps. (plasters for blisters mainly)

  6. Sunglasses and Suncream: Stay cool and protect yourself from the sun's rays. Glittery suncream could be even better!

  7. Mobile phone - Capture unforgettable moments, stay connected with friends, navigate the crowd, and document your festival journey.

  8. Power Up: Don't forget a portable charger or power bank to keep your gadgets alive for selfies and staying in touch.

  9. Hydration Station: Bring a reusable water bottle to keep the festival thirst at bay.

  10. Rainy Day Prep: Be ready for unexpected weather with a poncho, rain jacket, or a snazzy umbrella (if the festival organsers allow). If not how about an umbrella hat.

  11. Appropriate Footwear - Boooring we know - but seriously - if the weather does not look great - get your wellies on and dance in the mud!!!  Also not many people know this but Welly Socks are a thing too

  12. Bags / Rucksacks - Lightweight and easy to carry bags are a must for the daily festival activities.   Over shoulder, cross body or rucksacks are all great - oh did we mention how good and cool bum bags can be.

  13. Hats, Hats and Hats - whether sunny, rainy or cloudy!   Hats can really make the difference to how you enjoy the festival.  Baseball caps are great for keeping the sun out your eyes, bucket hats are the staple accessories and more flair with cowboy/cowgirl hats!  All offer some great functional benefits during the festival

If you are camping at the festival - here's a list of Festival Camping Essentials.

Remember!  Festivals are now cracking down on waste, whatever you take with you, you will be expected to take home! 

  1. TentThe best tent for festivals is one that is lightweight, easy to set up, durable, and offers good weather protection. Don't splash on expensive tents as you're likely not to be in them much at the festival - but again its all relative to the festival that you will be attending - A tent for Glastonbury might need more durability than a festival that is only for 1 or 2 nights.

  2. Sleeping Bag - What's a tent without a sleeping bag.   Consider the time of year!  Nothing worse than having an over warm sleeping bag during the summer and waking up sweating!  Pick a sleeping bag that is lightweight but offers the relevant comfort for the time of year

  3. Pillow(s) - Cannot be overstated - take your favourite pillow or similar....  will feel like home

  4. Airbed or low camping bed - these are lightweight - easy to carry and comfortable. Make sure you have something you can keep the airbed inflated.  A low camping bed can take up less room, but can be a little more fiddly to put together - but definitely easy to carry as you're walking from the car to the festival campsite  If you opt for a blow up mattress - take something to put on top.  The air inside can get cold during the night and transfer through to you.  A bed sheet in the summer or a thin blanket in spring, autumn, winter (if you are brave enough to camp at a winter festival)

  5. Lighting - hate that middle of the night festival walk to the loo without a torch.   You cannot rely on your Samsung or iPhone torch all the time - get a head lamp or small torch - make sure they're LED, as its easier on the batteries - (don't forget spare batteries)

  6. Cooking provision - Small gas single stoves are great, you can even get the low profile stove in a box that have a single or double burner.   Gas canisters are relatively cheap and lost a while.   Dependant on frequency of use - budget for 1 cannister per day

  7. Snack Stash: Pack some non-perishable snacks for those between-set munchies.

  8. Chairs or something to sit on at least - you don't want to be sat on the floor all the time and also think about when you're not dancing.  Take camping chairs for around your tent.  Consider fold out or collapsible stools that are lightweight that you can carry to the festival or a waterproof festival picnic blanket for throughout the day.

Other things not to forget at the festival

  1. Positive Vibes Only - The most crucial item on the festival packing checklist – bring your good energy and get ready for an unforgettable experience!

  2. Dancin' Shoes: Grab some comfy kicks that can handle hours of dancing. Your feet will thank you later!

  3. Groovy Outfits: Plan your festival wardrobe with colourful and comfy clothes. Throw in some festival glitter, sequins, and funky festival accessories for good measure! 

There are many festival packing lists and checklists available - here are a few others to help you make the best plans

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