Save the Rave Festival Guide

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Experience the ultimate celebration of 90's dance music at one of this years Save the Rave Festivals, an electrifying event spanning 11 days, across 11 locations throughout the UK.

About Save the Rave Festival

Save the Rave Festival is an annual electronic music festival that takes place in various locations around the world. The festival is focused on raising awareness and funds for environmental conservation efforts.

The festival was first launched in 2018 by a group of electronic music enthusiasts and environmental activists who wanted to leverage the popularity of electronic dance music to drive positive change for the planet.

The festival features performances by top DJs and producers in the electronic music scene, as well as educational sessions, sustainability workshops, and advocacy activities.

Some key things to know about Save the Rave Festival:

  • Focus on environmental sustainability and conservation - The festival aims to be as eco-friendly as possible, using renewable energy, reducing waste, and donating proceeds to environmental nonprofits.

  • Global events - While the festival originated in Europe, it now has editions in North America, Asia, and Australia, allowing fans around the world to attend.

  • Diverse electronic music lineup - The festival features a wide range of electronic genres, from house and techno to drum and bass and trance.

  • Educational programming - In addition to the music, the festival includes panels, talks, and workshops on topics like climate change, plastic pollution, and renewable energy.

  • Charitable giving - A significant portion of ticket sales and sponsorship revenue is donated to environmental organizations working on issues like deforestation, ocean conservation, and wildlife protection.

Overall, Save the Rave Festival is an innovative way to combine electronic music culture with environmental activism and inspire festivalgoers to get more involved in sustainability efforts.

UK Save the Rave Event Highlights:

  • Save the Rave Festival: Immerse yourself in the nostalgia and euphoria of the 90s rave scene as the Festival Pays homage to the era that defined a generation.

  • 11 Days, 11 Locations: From UK Cities, to scenic coastal and countryside locations, Save the Rave festival spans the breadth of the UK, bringing the magic of the 90s to your doorstep.

  • 90's Dance Music: Groove to the beats of legendary tracks and timeless anthems that dominated the dance floors of the 90s.

  • Top Lineups: Prepare for an unforgettable experience with top-tier lineups featuring renowned DJs and performers, ensuring non-stop energy and excitement throughout the festival.

What's on at Save the Rave Festivals?

  • An all-day Outdoor Music Festival!
  • Street Food Trucks + Food Stalls!
  • Retro 90’s Anthems + Classics!
  • Jaw dropping Visuals + Stage production!
  • Performers + Giveaways!

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Below we have created some information for all Save the Rave Festival events in the UK,  including important information and link to buy tickets

Scone, Palace, Perth, PH2 6BD,
25th May 2024,
12pm until 10pm,
Tickets for Save the Rave Perth 

Ever wanted wanted to rave at a palace.  Well Save the Rave Perth offers just that.  

Scone Palace, Perth is a historic palace and estate located in the town of Scone,
near the city of Perth in central Scotland.  Save the Rave have secured the venue
for one the locations of Save the Rave festival UK.  How amazing will this be?

Scone Palace Picture - location of save the rave festival 2024 in perth

Here are some key facts about Scone Palace, Perth:

  1. Historical Significance:
    • Scone Palace was the traditional site of the coronation of Scottish
      kings from the 9th to 14th centuries.
    • It served as the seat of the Earls of Mansfield, an influential Scottish
      noble family, for over 400 years.
  2. Architecture and Grounds:
    • The current palace building dates back to the 19th century and is
      considered one of Scotland's finest examples of Georgian architecture.
    • The palace is situated within a large estate of over 100 acres, featuring
      manicured gardens, woodland, and parkland.
    • The grounds also include a medieval abbey, a gothic chapel, and a
      collection of historic buildings and monuments.
  3. Visitor Attraction:
    • Scone Palace is a popular tourist destination, attracting visitors from
      around the world to explore its history and admire its grand interiors
      and beautiful grounds.
    • Visitors can tour the palace's state rooms, see the coronation stone
      (the Stone of Destiny), and learn about the estate's past through
      exhibits and guided tours.
    • The palace also hosts various events and festivals throughout the year,
      including highland games, concerts, and cultural celebrations.
  4. Conservation and Preservation:
    • The Scone Palace estate is owned and maintained by the Mansfield
      family, who are committed to preserving the historical and architectural
      significance of the site.
    • The palace and grounds are designated as a historic site of national
      importance in Scotland and are protected by heritage organizations.

In summary, Scone Palace, Perth is a significant Scottish landmark that offers
visitors a unique glimpse into the country's rich history and cultural heritage. 
And the best thing is - Save the Rave festival have booked this as the location.



Victoria Park, 31 Rotten Row, Southport, PR8 2BZ,
8th June 2024,
12pm until 10pm,
Tickets for Save the Rave Southport

Save the Rave Festival Soutport is back at Victoria Park.   The park was established by Queen Victoria and is staple location for attractions and events in Southport.  

Southport was where it started for Save the Rave UK.

Save the rave southport picture.



  • Save the Rave Victoria Park is located in the seaside town of Southport, on the northwest coast of England, approximately 20 miles north of Liverpool.


  • The park was established in 1865 and named after Queen Victoria.
  • It was originally designed as a public park and pleasure gardens for the residents and visitors of Southport.
  • Over the decades, various attractions and facilities have been added to the park, including a boating lake, children's play areas, and sports pitches.

Features and Amenities:

  • Victoria Park covers an area of around 32 acres, making it one of the larger parks in Southport.
  • It features landscaped gardens, flowerbeds, and tree-lined walkways that are popular for relaxation and recreation.
  • Facilities include a skatepark, bowling greens, tennis courts, and a miniature railway.
  • The park also hosts various events and activities throughout the year, such as music concerts, family fun days, and seasonal celebrations.

Management and Upkeep:

  • Victoria Park is owned and maintained by Sefton Council, the local authority for the Southport area.
  • The council is responsible for the park's upkeep, including grounds maintenance, facilities management, and event programming.
  • Victoria Park is a designated Green Flag award winner, recognizing it as a well-managed and high-quality public green space.

So in summary, Victoria Park is a historic, well-loved public park in the town of Southport and 2024 Save the Rave Festival is going to be as iconic as it has always been.


Anglesey Showground, LL65 4RW,
29th June 2024,
12pm until 10pm,
Tickets for Save the Rave Anglesey

Nothing else to say but Save the Rave Festival Anglesey is going to be epic.  Just look at the space at Anglesey Showground!

Picture of Anglesey Showground


  • The Anglesey Showground is situated on the island of Anglesey, off the northwest coast of Wales.
  • The full address is Anglesey Showground, Gwalchmai, Anglesey, LL65 4RW.

Facilities and Usage:

  • The showground covers a large area and features various exhibition halls, arenas, and outdoor spaces.
  • It is used to host the annual Anglesey Show, a major agricultural and country fair that has been running since 1784.
  • In addition to the annual show, the grounds are utilized throughout the year for other events, such as car shows, concerts, festivals, and private functions.


  • The Anglesey Showground is owned and operated by the Anglesey Agricultural Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting agriculture and rural life.
  • The society is responsible for the maintenance and management of the showground facilities.


  • The origins of the Anglesey Show date back to the late 18th century when local farmers started holding agricultural shows on the island.
  • The current showground site has hosted the event since the late 19th century, evolving over time to accommodate the growing size and popularity of the show.

Key Events:

  • The Anglesey Show is the premier event held at the showground, typically taking place over two days in the summer.
  • It features livestock competitions, farming demonstrations, craft exhibitions, live music, and various other attractions related to rural life and traditions.

So in summary, the Anglesey Showground is a large agricultural event venue that hosts the famous Anglesey Show as well as other festivals and gatherings throughout the year. It is a significant hub for the island's agricultural and cultural heritage.  This years Save the Rave festival is going to be amazing in Anglesey.


Albert Park, Middlesbrough, TS1 3LB,
13th July, 2024,
12pm until 10pm,
Tickets for Save the Rave Middlesborough


Carlisle Racecourse, CA2 4TS,
20th July, 2024,
12pm until 10pm,
Tickets for Save the Rave Carlisle


Norwich Save the Rave,
Earlham Park, Norwich, NR4 7TQ,
3rd August, 2024,
12pm until 10pm,
Tickets for Save the Rave Norwich


Royal Victoria Country Park, Southampton,
10th August, 2024,
12pm until 10pm,
Tickets for Save the Rave Southampton


Nottingham Newark
Newark Showground, NG24 2NY,
17th August, 2024,
12pm until 10pm,
Tickets for Save the Rave Nottingham/Newark


Hastings Pier, TN34 1JY,
31st August, 2024,
12pm to 10pm,
Tickets for Save the Rave Hastings


Cornwall, Plymouth
Royal Cornwall Showground, Wadebridge, PL27 7JE,
31st August, 2024,
12pm until 10pm,
Tickets for Save the Rave Cornwall


Chepstow Racecourse, NP16 6BE,
7th September, 2024,
12pm until 10pm,
Tickets for Save the Rave Chepstow


 Important Information and general do's and do nots!

  • Save the Rave is strictly over 18's
  • Photo ID will be required for entrance and bars
  • Standing event only - no seating, but there are breakout areas for you to chillout at the festival - suggest taking your own blanket as gazebos, camping chairs, tents and large sunshades are not permitted.  (p.s. - toast & tonic sell picnic blankets)
  • Typically umbrellas are also not permitted at festivals
  • There should be disabled access, parking and amenities.  Also if you do need help moving around, then the event organisers do allow a free carer or free PA ticket - but you do need to contact the ticket operator, (ticket details below)
  • No food or drink to be brought to the event, there will be fully stocked bars and street food stalls at the event.  
  • Cash and Card is ok across most locations
  • You cannot come and go, once you're in, you're in and if you leave there will not be any re-admission
  • No glass of any kind, including mirrors.
  • The following Items are typically prohibited to bring to Save the Rave festivals: 
    Note: Bag and body searching is a condition of entry, anyone found to be in possession of the below items will not be permitted to enter the event.
    • Opened water bottles or drinks bottles; guests will be allowed to bring in an empty reusable water bottle;
    • Any bladed article;
    • Fireworks or explosives;
    • Any illegal drugs or narcotics, including drug paraphernalia and nitrous oxide;
    • Alcohol, including alcohol in a sealed bottle;
    • Needles or sharp objects, with the exception of medications such as epi-pens or insulin;
    • Identity marker spray;
    • Offensive weapons, including ‘pepper spray’;
    • Glass in any form;
    • Flares;
    • Poles or flags;
    • Air horns;
    • Drones;
    • Any articles that could cause harm to the public or property
  • Last Entry is normally around 4pm.

Now that bit is out of the way.   Save the Rave Festivals will take you on an unforgettable journey back to the 90's,  where every tune is a memory taking you down nostalgia way with your chosen family!

We hope our Save the Rave Festival Guide is useful to you, if you have any issues or notice anything inaccurate please get in touch or if you are heading to any one of the Save the Rave Festivals this year then be sure to send us your pictures -

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