DIY Flower Crown, Make your own Flower Crown, How to make your own Flower Garland Headband.

If you are looking to make your own flower head garland, flower crown or flower headband you have come to the right place. 

We have put together these simple instructions for making a flower crown also known as a flower crown and flower headband.  This can be a fun and creative DIY project for someone who has time on their hands, if there are a bunch of you heading to a festival this year and a flower crown will be something your group of friends want to wear together with your festival outfits, then it could be a funny idea that each person makes a flower crown for someone else in your group!

If however you are looking for something ready made to save time.  Then here at Toast & Tonic we have a selection of flower crowns, flower headbands and flower head garlands that can be an easier short cut and cost saving alternative.  If you are looking for ready-made a flower head garland or flower crown check out our collection of flower crowns at Toast & Tonic

Flower Crowns Collection at Toast and Tonic

However if you're still wanting create your own flower head garland - we have put together a simple tutorial to help you along your way,


picture of flower crown with blue and white flowers.  Perfect for festivals and events.  Flower headband.



Here is our simple guide to help you create your own flower head garland or flower crown:

The Materials you'll need to create your flower crown or flower head garland:


  • Flowers of your choice

  1. If you are not wearing your flower crown for a few days then artifical flowers would be better.  Paper Flowers also work really well for a flower crown, 

    Paper flowers
  • Floral wire or a flexible wire

    You should be able to pick up floral wire for your flower crown from any craft shop or even your florist.

    Floral Wire

  • Florist tape or thin wire

    Florist tape could be picked up from a local florist and craft shop or searching on google

    Florist Tape

  • Wire cutters / Snips

    Wire cutters or snips can be picked up from any DIY store, amazon or a simple google search has many options

    Wire Cutters Snips

  • Ribbon or twine

    This is where you can get creative, the ribbon could match your festival outfit or opt for timeless twine or jute string.  Ribbon is easily accessible and can be purchased from any craft shop such as the range, hobby craft or online through a google search or Amazon.

    Ribbon or twine

  • Hot glue gun (optional)

    opting to use a glue gun for your flower crown will be the best choice for durability, glue guns provide stronger adhesion, quick drying, they are easy to use, flexible, versatile against many materials and most importantly they are cost effective.  Glue guns can be purchased from many places, I did a quick google search and there were some for as little as £5 in the google search results.

    Hot Glue Gun

    Here are the Steps for making your own flower crown

    • Measure and Cut the Wire:

      • Measure the circumference of your head where you want the flower crown to sit
      • Cut a piece of floral wire or flexible wire according to the measured length. Ensure there's a little extra for overlap

    • Create the Base:

      • Shape the wire into a circle, forming the base of the crown. Overlap the ends by a few inches and twist the ends together to secure the circle.

    • Prepare the Flowers:

      • If you're using real flowers, trim the stems to about 2-3 inches.

      • If you're using artificial flowers, detach them from their stems.

    • Attach Flowers to the Crown:

      • Begin attaching the flowers to the wire base by using floral tape or thin wire.

      • Place the flower stem against the wire and wrap the tape or wire tightly around both the stem and the wire base.

    • Create Flower Clusters:

      • Group the flowers in clusters for a more natural look. You can mix different types and sizes of flowers to create an interesting pattern.

    • Continue Adding Flowers:

      • Keep adding flowers until you've covered the entire wire base. Be sure to leave a small section at the back where you can fasten the ends together.

    • Secure the Ends:

      • Once you've covered the entire crown with flowers, secure the ends of the wire base. You can twist them together, use floral tape, or add a decorative ribbon to hide the connection.

    • Add Ribbon (Optional):

      • Flower head garlands typically have a trail from the crown. If you want to add a decorative touch, attach ribbons to the back of the garland or crown. You can either tie them or use hot glue to secure them.

    • Adjust and Customise:

      • After completing the flower crown, try it on and make any necessary adjustments. Trim excess wire or ribbon if needed.

    • Enjoy:

      • Your flower head garland is now ready to be worn! Whether for a special occasion, festival, or just for fun, enjoy your handmade floral accessory.

    Feel free to get creative with your choice of flowers and colors to suit your personal style and the occasion.

    Send us some pictures of your home made flower head garland and flower crowns - or tag us in our socials.


    Classic Daisy flower crown
    Here are some ready made flower crowns also know as flower head garlands
    The flower crowns can be adjusted to fit any size, the flower crowns come in many color options include dais flower crowns.  Browse our collection of flower crowns.

    Or below we have provide you with direct links to our individual flower crowns

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    flower crown red flowers
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    turquoise blue and white flower crown
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    multi-coloured flower crown
    Classic Daisy Flower Crown, Head Garland

    flower crown with daisy flowers
    LED Light Up Flower Crown, Head Garland

    light up flower crown, led crown
    Purple Flower Crown, Head Garland

    purple flower crown
    Blue and White Flower Crown, Head Garland

    blue and white flower crown
    Multi-Coloured Flower Crown, Head Garland with green trail

    flower crown, multi coloured with green trail
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    yellow and peach coloured, flower crown
    Hot Pink Blossom Flower Crown, Head Garland

    hot pink coloured flower crown
    Baby Pink & Lilac Flower Crown, Hair Garland

    pink and lilac flower crown
    Pink & Turquoise Flower Crown, Head Garland

    flower crown pink and blue coloured
    Baby Blue Flower Crown, Head Garland


    Flower crown baby blue colour